Digital Currency is an Internet-based medium of exchange with properties similar to physical currency. Can you observe the  serial number on any given dollar bill? Digital currency is the the serial number without the paper!
Additionally, with a special division of digital currency called cryptocurrency, this serial number is blockchain encrypted. Crytocurrency is truly the marriage of computer science and finance.
Bitcoin, created  in 2009, was the first cryptocurrency.

Blockchains are special mathematical algorithms used to create an exceptionally secure, shared digital ledger that can hold a vast amount of data. Blockchain technology is best described in the
Casey Research Report and the McKinsey Report and by Don Tapscott, author of The Blockchain Revolution, featured in the TED Talk video below.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and OneCoin™ offer alternatives to centralized, or government and bank issued currencies. The phrase “money in the bank”, associating banks with safety and security, was coined only in the last fifty years.
Historically banks have been high-risk establishments. Our focus is on non-bank and non-government issued digital currencies.

The best cryptocurrencies cannot be:

  • Inflated
  • Deflated
  • Devalued
  • Eliminated
  • Lost, stolen, or confiscated

The best way to learn about cryptocurrency is to take an accredited course. Accredited courses are now offered at a variety of universities including UCLA, Stanford, MIT, Duke, and NYU. Courses range from $3,000- $10,000 or more and do not come with tokens to place into mining . A superior option might be the online One Academy from One Life that allows you to earn while you learn. One Academy offers a wide array of training packages ranging from 140€ to 100,000+€ that include tokens for mining. Also included in the price of each educational package is a unique back office that can:

  • Securely store and monitor your electronic wallet
  • Provide training and unlimited opportunities for growth
  • Offer bonuses and rewards for sharing cryptocurrency educational packages with others

According to Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and other notable financial leaders, cryptocurrency mining is one of the greatest wealth generating opportunities of our time.

Mining is the process by which cryptocurrency is made. Miners submit wholesale “paid-in capital,” such as tokens,  to the blockchain and receive retail cryptocurrency “coins” or serial numbers. Each serial number is a solution  to the blockchain algorithm. Think of unlocking a safe. Some of the variables in the blockchain algorithm include:

  • Total number of coins that can be mined (note: finite number coins= no inflation )
  • Number of coins left to be mined
  • Number of miners currently searching for coins
  • Number of mathematical solutions available for the coin that is mined


With decentralized mining, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, miners must use their own time, money and equipment to mine serial numbers.   Centralized mining is more affordable and accessible to the masses. Miners need only submit their wholesale tokens to a central computer that mines for them. An example of centralized mining is OneLife™.

Whether mining is centralized or decentralized, miners create the digital coins and bring them into circulation.

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