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Applying Five Universal Dynamics of interaction with other people by asking questions

Premise :  When we ask someone a question  can we encourage
people to exercise one or all of the 5 universal dynamics ?

1. Will  ( Power to make a choice having certain facts presented as a question )

2. Thought  (Doesn’t asking people a question stimulate thought? )

3. Speech (encourage people to  respond / share what’s on their mind and heart – silence)

4.  Emotions (conclusion of interaction with words/speech)

5.  Physical Action (choose to apply a physical action) 

If we ask people questions that enhance their chances to encourage / refer someone else

 to take a digital currency course,  are we busy or Productive

(distinction of being busy or productive)

How do you equate being productive? 

How would you provide medium of measurement for productivity?

Productive defined:  How many people have I empowered to be able to duplicate asking questions in a simple manner ?

When we ask a question or request something , . . . . we honor and respect someone else’s Free Will to choose. 

Aren’t We  honoring someone else’s opportunity to exercise their free will of choice ?

We open to verbal communication that will enhance our connection, as friends and as people.

We open up to nonverbal communication that will enhance a Connection creating a safe container for a reply

We may all  learn to  love asking questions !

May we all learn to love asking questions ? 

Aren’t we all going to love learning to ask positive response questions?  

Positive Response Questions:

There are several ways to create a YES answer using any statement of fact

By starting any statement of fact with  any of the interrogative verbs  ending in  not,  hidden as  n’t :

ie: Haven’t the rainbows after each rain been especially stunning this year ? 

ie: Doesn’t it make sense to get someone on a three way call  with 

more knowledge, to answer your difficult question for both of us ? 












Homework assignment for Mondays Blitz call

Using any three of the words above, create a question with a One Life Network or Digital Currency statement of fact 

Haven’t  you heard about the Greatest gold rush for the 21st Century?

1 or 2 facts: i.e. Many  Investment Trusts are diversifying into digital currencies (easier method of storing an asset outside of a bank)

ie. Didn’t you hear that certain Large investment firms  sold off 40% of banking stock to diversify asset holdings into digital currencies ?

Q Have you heard that digital currency is increasing exponentially in value everyday?

or Haven’t you heard that Digital Currencies are increasing in value every day ?


Q Did you know that you can carry unlimited amounts of digital currency on your phone 

and travel from country to country without fear of  inflation, devaluation or confiscation ?

or Didn’t you read the October 10th issue of  New Yorker Magazine article 

about the safest method to carry digital currencies on your Phone ?

Wouldn’t you like to read the Article published in  the  October 10th issue 

of New Yorker Magazine about using your phone to safely store assets?

 Choice Question:

Would you like me to send you a PDF version of the New Yorker magazine article via Email

Or would you Prefer I text you the URL for the Article  on your phone ? 

Isn’t it wonderful to know that the same phone we use to take pictures and Up Load to 

Face Book is the same phone we can use to make digital currency payments in the future?

Doesn’t it make sense to learn how to use our phones as an Electronic Wallet now ?

+ + + +  + + + + + + + + + + 

Aren’t we are bringing in new year with complete love and 

acceptance of all people right where they are at ?

> making suggestions, by asking questions

> open the conversation to describing your new found methods /  knowledge of using currency for transactions

moving asset storage systems into digital currency

Other examples from Blitz call:

> Wouldn’t it be good to keep an open mind when presented with an opportunity that could change your life?

> Wouldn’t it be nice if the Post office/grocery store/DMV would start using blockchain technology so we could avoid these long lines?

For Business Owners

> Did you know that the average small business owner pays thousands of $$$  in bank fees for credit card processing?

   Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate those fees?

All Choices are a process and Not an Action in a moment of Time   

When we allow someone else the Option to choose,   we are honoring and respecting their free will.

Everyone needs to use their WILL –  Their own Power to choose

Let’s give them just enough information to make a natural  educated choice .

Whenever someone needs more information! – do we provide information 

or just ask if they would prefer it sent as  a URL  text or an email:)

Anyone offering suggestions on improving the course material above will receive a free hug 

We are thankful to Substance tgl for typing out the very first presentation of using the Five Universal Dynamics

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